Hiya, I'm Naz! Welcome to my sweet corner of The Internet.

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Nomad, freedom enthusiast, and slow thinker. I love exploring the fringes of life.

I've been writing software for over a decade. Currently retired. I deeply enjoy making, tinkering, and playing the life game in joy mode.

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I've lived a nomadic life for most of my years. Born and raised in Western Ukraine, high schooled in Texas, and MSc in Poland. I am an entrepreneur, been involved in side projects in e-commerce, real estate, and SaaS since early college. Co-created one of the top eBay shops selling pysanky in 2009. Also been a Superhost for my AirBnBs since 2018. I worked in tech as a software engineer since 2010 and reached my FIRE goal in 2023.

Me in 10 minutes

I don't have a 10-minute text yet, but here's a 25-minute read from my mini-memoir early retirement diary.