☠️ Dead and very alive!

☠️ Dead and very alive!

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Map of Indonesia with the route hopping between Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo islands

Eat. Surf. Hike.

The rest of June is officially adventure time! All the colleagues at work are getting a full month off to
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Naz Avó on a surgical bed durrounded by the doctors and nurses

Health emergency with a SafetyWing nomad travel insurance? Have $11.5k ready!

How would you feel if asked to pay an unexpected five-figure bill on which your life depended?
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Emirates ID illustration by Nika from

Complete Guide to Remote from Dubai One Year Residency in 2021

This post will guide your through my personal experience of applying for a residency in UAE through Work remotely from Dubai program to getting a UAE ID. You can find the "theory" about the program on the official site. I'll describe the "practical" part from my perspective below. Let's go!
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COVID escape from the Island of Gods

COVID escape from the Island of Gods

Ever been to the same international airport twice in two days without knowing where you'll land next day? How would you like adding last minute border closures and a pinch of virus that is turning the world into a pandemic?
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